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Sally Turner (SA)- March 20th Show


Sarah Van Steenis (TAS)- April 17th Show


Warren Hill (WA)- May 29th Show


Cheryl Blackman (USA)- July 10th Big Show

My journey in rabbits began as a way to make a quiet, shy 9 year old who was very happy with her books more social. I started with eight Siamese Satins and enough equipment to house them properly. This project has been a 31 year endeavor that has brought me more than I ever expected.

I was granted my ARBA rabbit judges license in 2007 and have loved every minute of my travels and time behind the table. I have been blessed to judge at ARBA Conventions since 2008, which I consider a true honor. I was asked to chair the ARBA Judges Continuing Education Committee, and stepped down from that position when I was asked to join the ARBA Standards Committee in 2012. Being asked to serve on the Standards Committee was humbling and I still feel that way today. I enjoy the challenge and look forward to continuing my service on the committee.

Over the years Blackman Rabbitry has been home to Satins, Mini Satins, Californians, New Zealands, Himalayans, Silvers, and Harlequins. We currently raise Mini Satins in the varieties of black, blue, chocolate, lilac, siamese, tort and broken.


Paul Young (NSW)- October 9th Show

Paul became interested in rabbits at an early age, when he was introduced to his first pet rabbit by his father in the 1980’s. In 1988 he joined the newly formed Breeders Association of NSW Inc (RBANSWInc.), and attended the very first rabbit show in NSW. At this point his interest in rabbits was consolidated and he started breeding and showing pedigree rabbits. Initially he started out with Netherland Dwarf and soon diversified into Dwarf lops, Rex and Satin, along with the first reconstruction of the Thrianta from the imported Thrianta and Deilenaar, and the German Angora. In 1990 he began judges training with the RBANSWInc, where he completed his training under John Porritt and Warren Shearman, and in 1996 started regularly judging for a variety of clubs.

Paul maintains a strong interest in genetics which he studied at UNSW. His interest in genetics stems from his early enthusiasm for science along with his interest in rabbits, breeding systems and in particular melanin biology and pigmentation. During the early days of involvement with the RBANSWInc he was given a publication written by Flo Ann Gordon, “Coat Colour Genetics of the Netherland Dwarf” from Angela Elliott one of the founding members of the RBANSWInc. This was instrumental in a series of events that directed him to his career choice in genetics. 

Paul now breeds Dwarf lop, Satin and Tans and is currently working on local breed resurrection of English Spot and Thrianta as well as the improvement and colour diversification within these breeds.


Michelle Gladwin (SA) & Sue Petersen (SA)- November 6th Show