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Sally Turner (SA)- March 5th Show


Christine Dean (WA)- April 9th Show


Sarah Van Steenis (TAS) - May 21st Show


Chase Austin (USA)- July 9th Big Show

  • American Rabbit and Cavy Breeder's Association Dual Licensed Judge #953
  • Lives in South Texas USA
  • Breeding and showing Rabbits and cavies for 17 years. Have raised and shown 40 of the recognized ARBA rabbit breeds and all Breeds of Cavies
  • Currently raising Satin, Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Dwarf Hotot, Jersey woolie, Lionhead, Britannia Petite, English Spot, Checkered Giants, and Flemish Giants
  • Cavies- American, American Satin, and White crested
  • Been honored to be on the Judges Panel for many countries including: Canada, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia
  • Awarded many Best in Show titles and ARBA convention Best of breeds and Breed Nationals Best of Breeds
  • Also raise many species of Exotic Birds. Fancy Pigeons and exhibition Poultry
  • Production Manager and on site sales for


Heather Smith (VIC)- October 15th Show

Heather has been involved in rabbits for 15 years working mostly on Dwarf Lops and Satins as well as having owned and bred Netherlands. She also helps her husband with his German Lops. 

She's enjoyed the friends she's made, the people she gets to meet and improving the rabbits she breeds. Heather enjoys judging which she has been doing for the last 8-9 years and getting to meet new people in the fancy.


- November 5th Show