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Show Info

Our shows are split into two sections, "Competitive" and "Un-Rung", which caters equally for the serious breeder and pet owner alike. Registered purebred rabbits in the competitive section contend for certificates, rosettes, trophies, hi-points and championship certificates (stars). Pet rabbits are very welcome to compete in the un-rung section and they also can win certificates, rosettes and trophies. As with all animal related shows the presentation of your rabbit could be the difference between a first prize and a placing. Cleanliness is the most important factor and all rabbits entered need to have their nails trimmed prior to the show. We provide a compulsory vetting in (health check) of all exhibits before commencement of judging. A trading table is available with a large range of items for sale ranging from feeds, grooming aids, medicinal goods, cages and equipment plus more. 

In order to show your rabbits in the competitive breed classes, your rabbit should fit the recognised standard for the particular breed type and be wearing the appropriate identifying leg ring or tattoo. If you are entering the un-rung section for the first time a committee member or an experienced breeder can advise whether your rabbit fits the breed standard. Time will be allocated at the show for you to have your rabbit examined and classified. 

Competitive Section

To enter your rabbit please download the Excel Worksheet on this website (forms page). 

Completed entries must be emailed to by the advertised closing date of the show. To be eligible for reduced entry fees you must be a financial member of the club. Entries can only be accepted in the digital format using our Excel Worksheet (please do not PDF). There are no entries on the day.

In breed classes you are required to cage each rabbit separately. Each exhibit will be allocated two tags (pen numbers) bearing the same number with one remaining on the cage at all times. The other will accompany the rabbit to the judging table as a means of identification. An official of the club must checkout your rabbit/s from the benching area before you may take them. There are two types of competitive sections; Pen shows and Table shows.

Pen shows

All the rabbits are benched together in their respective breed groups. Ownership is confidential. Official stewards are responsible for transporting the rabbits to the show table and back again during judging. Owners and spectators should stand clear from the cages to allow stewards a clear path. Pen shows have the highest star value (championship points).

Table shows

Each exhibitor has their own trestle table where their rabbits are benched. The exhibitors are responsible for stewarding their own rabbit/s to the show table when they hear their pen number called. This is a less formal show offering exhibitors of any age a more hands on approach to showing in breed classes.


Un-rung section

Entering our un-rung classes couldn’t be easier. There are no forms to fill out, no advance entries required and rabbits do not need to be registered. Listen to the classes as they are called to the judging table. If you wish to enter, simply bring your rabbit to the table along with your entry fee of $2.00. To compete in un-rung classes your rabbit must not be wearing an identification leg ring or be marked with a tattoo. Rabbits that have previously been rung and have had their rings removed are welcome.